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READ FIRST: Warp Guidelines and Requirements

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In an effort to make sure that the warp hub is showcasing the best that DiversitySMP has to offer, we'll be instituting some new policies in regards to warps. If you have, or are interested in having, a warp to your build at the warp hub, please read the following guidelines and standards:





Since we already have farms to most of the types of things that CAN be farmed, new community farm warps need to meet high standards:

  • They should offer an item that is not currently available at one of the existing farms.
  • OR They should be a vast improvement over an already existing farm in some way (efficiency, aesthetics, etc.)


Other requirements:

  • Must be fully protected within a claim with appropriate trust levels (container trust public).
  • If a level restriction is requested, please mention it ahead of time!
  • Must be approved by no less than three staff members before a warp is made public.



Towns must be more than a few buildings haphazardly slapped together. We want the warp hub to showcase the BEST that DiversitySMP has to offer. Not every town will qualify for a warp -- and that’s okay! Anyone is welcome to build a town and have multiple people live there. You don’t need a warp for that. To qualify for a warp, your town must meet the following guidelines.

Your town should show some kind of city planning:

  • There should be roads or some kind of paved paths between houses and buildings.
  • It should be well lit, and some effort to protect it from mobs should be made (fences, walls, lots of lighting).
  • The town roads, lighting, and major buildings should show some kind of aesthetic cohesiveness -- in other words, they should look good: lampposts should match, roads should be consistently made, town buildings should show some effort in design and functionality, etc. 
  • A safe landing place for newcomers should be established, with a list of town rules, who the mayor is, and anything else they need to know to become part of the town. 
  • Plots for new homes and buildings should be marked out in some way: grassy borders, fenced areas, hedges, signs, etc.



A good town is a safe, protected space for people to live in. With the wrong claims set up, however, it can become a nightmare. We will be extremely strict on these points:

  • Towns MUST be fully claimed; no exceptions. The main claim should NOT have public build trust, or be trusted to anyone other than the town mayor(s). **Note** If you do not have enough claim blocks to claim your town area, please ask a staff member for assistance. 
  • Appropriate subclaims must be made around all buildings, with appropriate trust levels. (For example: a community farm should have container trust, a house plot should only be trusted to the person living there.)
  • Town mayors must be able to demonstrate that they know how to set up claims and subclaims without staff assistance.

**Note:** You may want to claim a bit of extra area around your town, if you have plans for future expansion. If someone builds very near your town, but is not part of your town, you can still ask them to move. Staff can assist with removing builds that are too close.


Good claim example:


No one can build nearby. Everything is claimed by the town owner, including paths, decorations, and scenery. Town owner has access to all houses. 


Bad claim example:


In this town any random person can start building nearby. Pathways and decorations are open to griefing. The town owner may not have access to all the individual house claims.


Other requirements:

  • Towns that seek to have a warp should look GOOD. Buildings should be well designed, and preferably meet some kind of theme. A messy, lazily put together town will not get a warp. 
  • Towns must be approved by no less than three staff members before a warp is made.


Other Types of Builds

Some builds are not towns or farms, but still deserve their own warp. Examples include:

  • Mini-game locations
  • Spectacular, large builds 
  • Useful builds that are not technically farms: i.e. The Netherrail, The Villager Temple, Shop Warp

In these cases it may come down to staff discretion whether or not the place deserves its own warp. These types of places should meet certain criteria regardless:

  • They should be aesthetically well built, with a cohesive design that works for whatever the build is. 
  • They should be fully protected with appropriate claims and subclaims.
  • An appropriate “landing” location must be established. Signs indicating what the place is and what it should be used for are especially helpful, but may not be strictly needed. (In the case of mini-games, however, please try to explain how the game works!)
  • No less than three staff members must approve the build before a warp is made.



Please read the warp request form, fill it out, and post it in a new thread.

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