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Supporter Subscriptions - Where does your money go?

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I decided to write this post to provide information and transparency. Whether you have contributed to Diversity in the past, are a current supporter, are thinking about supporting Diversity or if you're a parent who has been approached by their child asking to buy a rank on our Minecraft server, you should read this post.

There are many expenses involved in keeping Diversity running. When you purchase a subscription or contribute a donation, you are helping us cover costs for the following:

Note: there are some other one-off payments such as premium resources bought from spigotmc.org, these usually do not exceed $10 USD.

We spend approximately $259 USD per month to run Diversity.

Our goal is to receive $300 USD in player contributions per month. By having our goal larger than our expected costs, it grants us a small safety net for months when donation goals are not met.

Funds from player contributions will only ever go towards expenses that keep the server running. With additional funding support, our goal is to purchase better hardware and development services to improve the gaming experience across the Diversity network.

Donations will never be used for personal gain. We simply wish to provide a safe and fun community for everyone.

If you ever have any questions regarding fees or any other financial information regarding Diversity, please send me an email at turbotailz@diversitysmp.com and I'll happily answer any queries for you.

To all our supporters, thank you, your contributions help keep Diversity alive and well.

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Updated to reflect current costs and monthly goal.
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I've just updated the OP with current spending and our new monthly goal amount.

$300 is quite a lot to be asking from everyone, so I will be covering any outstanding amount at the end of each month.

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