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IGN: mspeers

Ban Reason: Trolling

Why should you be unbanned?: The situation was that a few people came on and were insulting several players. As a joke, I referred them often as "chav" or "bruv", and other stupid British slang and jokes. None of the things I meant were serious, and I think most people online understood that. However it was still trolling, and I apologize. I would appreciate it if I were unbanned.

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Added conclusion: GRANTED
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Jun 10, 16, 10:23:16pm mspeers Chat do it or no balls        
Jun 10, 16, 9:05:20pm mspeers Chat momma always said map never gonna reset        
Jun 10, 16, 9:04:58pm mspeers Chat thanks bruv        
Jun 10, 16, 9:04:48pm mspeers Chat is the map being reset        
Jun 10, 16, 8:56:50pm mspeers Chat no im a sub        
Jun 10, 16, 8:54:31pm mspeers Chat neon ur gettin so traggerd cuz some1 shagd ur nan lol innit bruvv        
Jun 10, 16, 8:53:16pm mspeers Chat sum ppl so mad when their nan's get shags m8        
Jun 10, 16, 8:50:54pm mspeers Chat neon i shagd ur nan lol        
Jun 10, 16, 8:48:15pm mspeers Chat the only staff is the one in bogdan's nan bruvv        
Jun 10, 16, 8:46:26pm mspeers Chat momma always said i'd meet chavs on a minecraft scmp server        
Jun 10, 16, 8:44:45pm mspeers Chat that's a chav right there m8 kek m8 innit bruvv        
Jun 10, 16, 8:44:10pm mspeers Chat we literally all are        
Jun 10, 16, 8:43:43pm mspeers Chat bogdan's mad cuz he's the only wanker who asn't shagd his nan lol        
Jun 10, 16, 8:42:17pm mspeers Chat u a chav m8?        
Jun 10, 16, 8:41:45pm mspeers Chat ey bogdan i shagd ur nan lol (kek) m8        
Jun 10, 16, 8:40:21pm mspeers Chat shagd ur nan m8        
Jun 10, 16, 8:40:06pm mspeers Chat m'willy        
Jun 10, 16, 8:39:32pm mspeers Chat m'atheism        
Jun 10, 16, 8:39:03pm mspeers Chat innit bruvv        
Jun 10, 16, 8:37:33pm mspeers Chat rebel against the staff of a minecraft server, no balls dude        
Jun 10, 16, 8:11:13pm mspeers Chat any shop selling efficiency books        
Jun 10, 16, 9:18:46am mspeers Chat xD lol jk haha :P        
Jun 10, 16, 9:04:45am mspeers Chat professor oak was white idiot        
Jun 10, 16, 8:08:37am mspeers Chat hullo        
Jun 10, 16, 7:53:24am mspeers Chat welcome to hell


Basically 95% of what you said was trolling. Why should we let you back?

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It was all sarcastic or joking, and mostly in reply to some trollers who came on. I don't think anyone got their feelings hurt over it. I misunderstood the rules, and I again apologize. If I were unbanned, I would make sure to follow the rules regarding the chat. I do understand if you don't want to unban me, though.

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Quite a few people reported you so not everyone knew you were joking.
Also trying to join Diversity SMP with an alt when you are already banned is also against the rules.

However, you do sound pretty sincere and honest in your ban appeal so I wouldn't mind unbanning you. Please don't let this happen again. If someone is being disrespectful or being a troll in chat it is better to inform us than jumping in with them.

I would also recommend going over our rules again before joining.

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