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NEW Helpers have been announced!

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Hello Diversity Community!

We have finally decided on who we wanted as helpers! YAY!

So CONGRATULATIONS to OnMy412ish and Sliceofpi314!!!!!! 

Just so you guys know, we were looking for people to fill in at a certain times of the day and we concluded that both OnMy412ish and SliceofPi were the people that we needed, but that does not mean the end of all our applicants. We will be holding on to all the applications just in case our player counts increase whether it be before or after upgrading to 1.9

So please don't be discouraged, and continue to enjoy being part of this community.


Thanks for reading!

MunDhi and the Diversity Staff

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Congrats to you two. You guys will do great as Helpers on our staff team! This decision was a hard one as Merga said. Thanks so much to everyone who applied and showed your support toward helping our community! :)

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