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permanent ban apeal

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hey its me again. its been quite a while since I've even tried to contact you again but on July 30th 2019 (I think) I was permanently banned from diversity. I am more that sure that I have learned my lesson and I am not going to steal anything from any one. PS I am banned from the discord too and that would make it a lot easier to contact you  

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Hello WHI5PY,

It has been 5 months since you were perm banned.  In the short time you played on the server, you:

  • stole 22 diamonds from a player's shop on smp
  • stole 21 diamonds on vanilla
  • stole again on vanilla

You appealed the last temp ban and it was upgraded to a permanent ban after you failed to realize what you did was wrong.  

Please appeal using this format. Also, all appeals are handled through the forums and you will not be allowed access to the discord unless your appeal is granted.

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current ign: WHI5PY

why I was banned: stealing on multiple occasions ( diamonds from shop were later returned on smp )

why should I be unbanned: I am willing to pay back the diamonds and the iron that I stole. I am deeply sorry for what I did it was wrong and I should have never done it in the first place. it was stupid to steal from others on the server and there for will never happen again. I give you and every one on the server my sincere apology.  

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Hello WHI5PY after reviewing your request and with the current infraction of the rules we have chosen to keep the ban in place. We are sorry but you have not shown your ability to follow the rules which I am sure you are aware alts are forbidden while you are banned and you couldn't even follow the rule for the format of your appeal for starters. maybe after some more time you can appeal again. have a nice day.

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