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What is it?

This datapack adds every mob head imaginable to the world. Meaning you can have a sheep head, villager head etc. Any head you can think of becomes available to collect simply by killing the mob.

Why should it be added?

Personally, I think it should be added as adds a lot more creativity and opportunities to the game. You can do whatever you please with them and if you don't like them, don't use em. 

It could add a whole new market to Diversity. People already collect player heads so its just another thing to collect, but is also a fresh idea at the same time. The drop rates are editable thus amplifying this idea of a market for them. Overall, they are just cool to have, who doesn't want more head options for their builds, decoration whatever?

'It's just another thing to wait for when the server is updating'

While this is true, it is not needed, the game is completely playable without these heads and the author (xisumavoid) is an active member of the minecraft community meaning updates will be fairly quick but either way, without it, the game is not affected.




(Youtube video above showing exactly what I am talking about and attempting (hopefully succeeding) to explain)


On the vanilla tweaks website, this datapack is under the 'mobs' section. Also on this site is a range of other datapacks which could enhance diversity for even more options and fun. However i'm only attempting to get the mob heads added. 

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