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(1) I'm requesting a ban appeal. My 10 year old uses my LittleThumb handle on Diversity server.  He's too young to manage an email and forum membership so i'm doing this for him. I hope it's not a problem. if so, just let me know how you like me to handle this. 

(2) According to him (he's usually a pretty trustworthy kid), he misunderstood a sign in game and was temporarily banned for griefing or stealing. I think he took some blocks out of a chest.  (edit: took some lapis unintentionally and then forgot to return it.)

When he received the 2 day temp. ban notice, he did not understand the instructions on the ban and so he used my alt Greenthumb00 to log in to the server to ask how he can appeal the ban. He had no idea using an alt account like this would result in a permanent ban. He was looking for some help to figure out how to get unbanned.  He also doesn't have an account here on the forum.

We've been on the road for the past 2 weeks with a family move and he asked me to set up an account on the forum here to help him figure out this situation. We have also had him read the server rules. He really, really likes playing on the Diversity server and doesn't want to ruin the fun.

(3) Please consider reversing his ban. From what i can tell, it was an unfortunate series of honest mistakes made by a 10 year old still learning how the internet works. We've had a few good conversation about what happened and that when some conflict like this arises that he doesn't understand, that we (his parents) should be his first stop to help understand the situation and check his plan of action. 

Thanks for considering. I'm happy to answer any questions related to the appeal. 

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LittleThumb  unbanned.

I really appreciate you taking the time to help LittleThumb. I understand that people make mistakes. I understand that young people can make mistakes. I really needed to talk to LittleThumb about following the rules. He's fine now. I enjoy his presence very much and it his absence has been felt.

LittleThumb should be fine as long as he follows the rules more carefully. Ask questions if unsure. Ask questions before taking is the safest bet.  But yes it was mainly the taking and taking of "lapis" and the griefing of paths.

No Spam. No Griefing/stealing.   Be nice to others. Looking forward to seeing LittleThumb again.

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