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Vanilla 1.16.1 Dragon Slaying!! (Info) ENDED


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 Vanilla 1.16.1

(you should come play)

♦♦Dragon Slayer!♦♦


Sorry folks this event has Ended! Thank you all so much for Participating!




Our time has come to rid The End of  TYRANNY!(lul) The Ender Dragon must be vanquished! We must claim our prize!




We need Minecraftia's GREATEST HEROES for such a task. Whom of you is brave enough to face the scalding agony of the ENDFLAME!? Climb the staggering towers of the darkest night? Endure the never-ending might of the ENDER-LEGION?! 


I believe it is you heroes. CHAMPIONS forged from the depths of the fiery Nether. CHAMPIONS that have traversed land and sea a plenty. CHAMPIONS that  peacefully live their lives until their strength is needed. Come HEROES! Let our names echo through history!


Greetings folks! I am hoping to get the community together this weekend for slaying the Ender Dragon. Thank you to those that have patiently waited! This is a community event! The Dragon Egg will be displayed at Vanilla Spawn and the server museum. Anyone who participated will also have their name displayed!

When:  Friday-Sunday (July 17th-19th)
Time: To be determined. We will go at 10+ online players on Vanilla.



If things happen to not work out: DragonSlayer Event will trigger with 10+ players online (any of the following days)


Hope to see you there! Have fun folks!




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