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Paradise Isle Warp Request

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  1. My warp request is for a place.
  2. The X and Y coordinates for the place where I'd like the warp landing spot are x97188 z-99098.
  3. My build is finished.
  4. I have read and understood the guideline and requirements thread.

* With this application I confirm that my build is SAFE and no mobs can spawn there. It is 100% claimed by me, with subclaims for appropriate areas. I have spent time and effort making it look nice, and I have placed signs to guide and inform visitors. (so actually I can't confirm that first part about the mobs. This build is quite large, and while I've tried to spawn proof most of the buildings, it's pretty much impossible to cover everything. The build is still overall quite safe, but I will place some warning signs if needed)

* I promise to not pester staff in-game or here on the forums about this application. Instead I will be patient and wait for replies, and answer any questions asked. If any changes to my build are requested, I will work with staff to make them happen.

* If my application is rejected, I won't complain or whine. Instead I will go back to working on my build and improve it so that it can be approved in the future, when it meets the requirements.

* If my application is approved, I won't rest on my laurels but will continue to uphold the standard of my build and maintain the location. If it is a town, I will assist with any concerns the citizens raise and evict inactive or banned players. I may expand as need be, and I will design my spot in the warp hub to match my build.


Paradise Isle is a realistic modern city I built over the course of two years. It has 7 different districts, 61 buildings, and about 260 custom trees. Everything in my city is 100% original. (well, besides maybe some of the cars) The interiors of every building are furnished as realistically as possible, and the city even has a sewage system that goes under the entire downtown area.

Here are some pics of different areas in the city:




South Downtown:



North Beach:



Resort Beach:



I haven't shown you everything, so you'll have to explore if you want the full experience!

Map of the entire city:



Oh also, underneath the city there are some ruins that house a treasure. This is completely optional, but if you like puzzles, you can try to open the vault and get a prize of 64 diamonds. The game is not easy though, and it can take 2-3 hours. Head over to my hotel room if you're interested, pretty sure I left the coords for there on some signs when you spawn in.

Anyway have fun exploring and thanks for considering this warp request.


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