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I think this needs to be said right here and now. I have noticed over the last few days that we have had new members join our ranks on the server Great! My issue is and a lot of other people can back me up on this but the server is becoming increasingly unplayable to the state that you are breaking blocks 2 - 3 times over. I did notice that we are still running the server on a 1.14 snapshot according to the F3 screen. Mobs and villagers are stuttering across the ground or just plain freezing for no reason now this might be some plugin that the admins have been mentioning but does seem to be a little over the top. This does seem to be happening only in SMP. Creative is fine no lag, no issues breaking blocks surely this should be the same state of a server. Now people will probably come back and say it's your internet speeds well I will tell that my internet is running perfectly fine with nothing open and just a speed test i'm getting quite a decent MBPS (megabytes per second) so it's not that so basically its not client side its server side. I also understand that it's hard run and maintain a server for thousands of people but maybe we need to find a better solution like a different company that can handle all the data we create on the server now of course that isn't going to be cheap i expect. Now i don't know the current numbers of the supporters as i make this point but surely something has to be done. I'm now also feeling like it's not worth coming on the server to deal with this unplayable state. I have suggested that their maybe a few bunches of us who would like the SMP server to be on 1.15 and then 1.16 when it is stable of course. There was a conversation between myself and Zore Monday night i believe he is saying it would take a few hours for 1.15 to be brought on the server there was also claims that there is "plugins" that arent in 1.15 yet and that he is worried that farms may break but i feel if there is enough people who want the update and things are broken and people need them then as a community we could come together to repair said farms. Also while i think about it there was a few members doing PVP earlier it was showing in chat now we also had a few new people join during that time. To me if i wasn't already a member of the server and i saw that pop up it wouldn't feel very inviting to stay unless your into that sort of thing. Anyway as i stated above i don't think i'm going to be on the server for a while till this lag situation or whatever it is is fixed. Let's hope something can be done about this lag issue on the server

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Just saw this and wanted to add some input.

Recent versions of Minecraft have been causing more and more strain on server hardware to perform well. Diversity is running on Paper I believe, which is meant to be well-optimised for dealing with more players but even that is not enough. The CPU that runs the server is not powerful enough to handle the load and ideally it should be upgraded to a newer model but that still may not solve the problem, plus it costs a lot of money and time that Zore probably does not have (or maybe he does, with the stupid virus and all).

This has always been an issue with the Survival server, as it's the main server that everyone joins and plays on. The other servers are fine, because no one plays on them.

Here are some suggestions from an old admin...

For the players:

  • Consider playing on other Diversity servers, like Skyblock or Creative
  • Play at times where there are less people on
  • If you must play on survival, group up and play together, this lessens the strain on resources as the server is not ticking so many chunks
  • Stop building and using crazy ass farms! Entities (mobs) are usually the biggest cause of lag on servers.
  • Stop generating new chunks, i.e. stop exploring - check the dynmap (if it's still alive) if chunks have been generated or not and avoid the black areas

For Zore and staff:

  • Start a new survival server with limitations, pre-generate the land, put a world border on it, share the inventory with the original Survival server (maybe?) force new players to join here while the regulars can stay on the original Survival. I remember raising this option before and I still think it's a good idea, especially with 1.16 around the corner.
  • Try using Tuinity, a fork of Paper with even better performance optimisations (people swear by it). It would kill a lot of farms unfortunately.
  • Upgrade to a better system. OVH's stocks seem a bit low atm but their range keeps improving. Also maybe check out ReliableSite, I hear they have some good options for dedicated hosting.
  • Try using plugins that "stack" entities, I hear they work well but again, they probably break farms.

Hope you don't mind me butting in but I do want to see Diversity succeed even when I'm gone :) 

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