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Tournite // Jake

The Revival // Need Suggestions for SMP

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Hello fellow Minecrafters,

Some of you may remember me from a LONGG time ago. I used to play on Diversity 24/7. I had created many things:  A town for all, a sky base, and my pride and joy: A roller coaster park.

I want to rejoin the server, however, I don't know what to do. I fear that expanding on my roller coaster park will cause me to lose interest like last time. (I may still work on it here and there).

I have a stack and a half of diamond blocks, and I'm willing to spend it all to create anything, but I need your help! 


Also, if you are newer and don't know me, feel free to introduce yourself (I understand this is not the introductions sub-forum, but still nice to meet new people).

Thank you all for any suggestions, I just want to feel excited to play minecraft again!


- Jake

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Welcome back Jake!!

I don't think anyone but you can really decide what you ought to build, but my suggestion is to pick a build that taps into the styles you're best at/enjoy most. Maybe join a group project if you want. Make sure to set your goal big enough to feel meaningful once it's completed but not so ambitious that it becomes grindy and annoying.

If you want more ideas I'd say go to the help/creative channels on the discord server, the forums are kinda dead lol

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