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Fall 2019 Scavenger Hunt!

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Diversity Minecraft


The holidays are around the corner, and Diversity  is ready to celebrate! Jupiterrrrr and I have decided to kick off the season with a:

Fall 2019 Scavenger Hunt!


Start: November 16th, 3 pm Central

End: Whenever all the skulls are found!


There are decorative player heads scattered around a fall scene. Each head type is worth an assigned number of points (see below.) Players will be released into the festive area, and you will have as much time as needed to gather as many heads as possible. The more heads you collect, the more prizes you will be able to afford! (There are also 2 bonus heads that, if found, allow you to double your points!)




At the end of the event, you will need to rename all the heads you have collected to your IGN, and throw them in the provided hopper so we can total your points. Then, the next day, you can talk to Jupiterrrrr or me in game and let us know which heads you would like! If you do not have enough points for a prize, you will be given your player head as a participation prize.



  • All rules for smp remain.

  • Do not break any blocks besides player heads. If you are found breaking blocks, you will be disqualified and won't receive any prize.

  • Report any bugs/glitches.

  • Have fun and respect each other.

  • Don’t try to escape the barriers. (There aren’t any heads out there I promise.)

Hope to see you on November 16th!

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