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Ratpackin saying Hi

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Hey, I found this server after looking into several others. I've been playing MC since the early beta days. I years was a moderator for PCGamer Mag on their US and UK servers, but only the US exists and participation is almost non existent. So.. I've been bumping around from home to home. This server seems to have all to right things going for it, hopefully it'll me my new long term home.  -I'm a much older player than most. I have a wife and daughter (love her but she's just not into gaming... don't know where i went wrong there!)  I worked as a game artist, 2d & 3d for various developers. Worked on plenty of computer, console and smart device games and I'd be surprised if you've heard of any of them :)   -I'm also into classic cars and love disturbing the neighborhood with my '57 Chevy.  

I love building!, and occasionally enjoy working with others on joint projects. Looking forward to meeting my fellow players.

-Phil "Ratpackin"

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Hey Ratpackin!

Welcome to the server! We are glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy your 'stay.' If you have any questions feel free to ask away. Staff and players are always glad to help. You can also check out our discord by typing /discord in game.  

I'm excited to see what projects you take on and how big they get! :) 


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