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Ban Appeal

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I was banned for 6 days for  "stealing" but yet in the claim tutorial, it even said "example A" and "example B" on the signs about the houses and chests. That, This is what happens when you do NOT /claim your buildings and chests. I feel like it's all going against your own words of such about these /claims in my high opinion. 

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Hello Modpwn,

Please make sure you follow this format when appealing.

You were banned for 7 days for stealing. You are correct that in the claims tutorial it shows griefing to unclaimed builds, but we are just showing what could happen when stuff is not claimed. It does not mean it allowed, and it has never and will never be allowed. Staff always rollback griefing/stealing because it is NOT allowed.

Have you read our rules? They can be found here. These are the rules that you accepted when you joined the server. Rule number 2 states, "No griefing or stealing from anyone" "Do not raid or grief unclaimed builds" You broke this rule, and were punished accordingly. 

Also, the area was in fact claimed, it just has public trust to everyone, as it is a community project I have going on and you took the ores from the public storage area. It is not a public take what you want. You ask before taking anything that is not yours.

The bottom line, do not take what is not yours. Whether the place is abandoned or not, you do not mess/grief/raid something.  I hope you learn your lesson and make sure you take this time to (re)read our rules.

This is only a tempban. Unless you can come up with a better reason, you can wait it out.

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