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EpicExtendus' ban appeal.

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EpicExtendus' ban appeal previously known as SPACEGHOSTTHOT

1) My in game name is EpicExtendus

2) I was banned for stealing and x-raying

3) I believe i should be unbanned because I have matured since I last played on your server and I wish be be allowed back in your community :)

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Hello EpicExtendus,

We have decided to deny your appeal as we do not think you are ready to come back on our server. You were perma banned on the 31st of December, 2018, which is only 5 months ago. We do not believe you have matured, as proven by you messaging me on the forums and being impatient. Your last words on the server were, "idc if you ban me, I xrayed all my stuff" and that is exactly what we did. You stole from a shop, when you knew it was a banable offense, and that was the final straw. You were overall just a trouble maker, and wanted reactions out of people. We do not want these types of players on our server.

You can appeal again in 6 months.

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