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SailWizzard - Ohhani10 -Snowballer94 - Zoredache


Spring has arrived and with that comes Spring Cleaning! That means we are dusting off the boxes and cleaning out the shelves. Looking among the old and overlooked of Diversity, I feel it's time our sheepfarm got an update. Along with a brand new sheepfarm, here is a list of upgrades and improvements that have made its way through the doors!



  • Doubled the amount of pens for each color of sheep.


  • Speed II beacon to help get you where you need to go faster.


  • Replaced those pesky ladders with Jumpboost II.


  • 100% Mob-Proof. Keeps out even the most persistent of phantoms.




We invite everyone to come and check out the new farm, which can be found at the same sheepfarm warp sign labeled "SheepfarmNG" in /warp hub. We'd also like to thank Sail, Hani, Snow, and Zore for their work put into this project!


We continue to encourage everyone to contribute to Diversity through builds and forum posts to voice their own ideas on how to improve and maintain our unique community!

                                                                                                  - The Diversity Staff Team












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