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Name – Kayla McTear

Nickname – Queen Red Panda

Age - 27

Birthday - 12/11/1991

Star sign – Scorpio

Gender – Transgender Female

Sexuality -Lesbian

Location – Stourbridge, UK

Hobbies – gaming, music, graphic design, the norm haha

Love – red pandas

Likes - girls, friends, family

Dislikes – homophobic, transphobic

Pronouns - She/Her


Social Media

Twitter: Kayla_McTear

Instagram: Kayla_McTear

Snapchat: KaylaMcTear

Discord: KaylaMcTear#3037

Mixer: https://mixer.com/KaylaMcTear

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBWVY-ePMDGPpb11nRtRQiQ/


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Another Brit!! Glad to have you here and don't worry we don't tolerate homophobia or transphobia, I'm sure everyone will welcome you warmly ❤️

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