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Helper applications are no longer open.

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UPDATE: Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who has applied so far. We will now begin the recruiting process which may take some time. Please refrain from asking us when the new Helpers will be announced in the meantime.


It's been a while (a long while, in fact) but we are finally opening up applications for a fresh batch of Helpers on Diversity┬á­čśü

What exactly is a Helper?

I'm glad you asked! The Helper role is given to those who we deem as helpful, not only to other players but to the staff as well. Helpers are tasked with the following duties:

  • Being the first line of response to any player queries or concerns.
  • Farm checks - routinely checking that farms have been used correctly and are stocked up for other players to use. This includes checking logs for any misbehaviour and adding notes to any players who are breaking the rules.
  • Enforcing the rules - making sure everyone is playing nicely with each other and obeying the rules. Helpers are able to temporarily mute and ban players if they are misbehaving, passing on any info to mods and admins if needed for more permanent action if required.
  • Assisting mods and admins as needed.
  • Being active on Discord and attending regular meetings with staff.

Helpers have access to a few extra permissions to help them help us:

  • CoreProtect lookups, checking logs and stuff.
  • Jailing, temp mutes, bans and kicks, as well as leaving notes about players.
  • Answering and closing tickets.
  • Access to certain warps to get farm checks done more efficiently.

Helpers do NOT gain access to fly or creative modes, or any other perks that would give them an advantage in game.

We have a staff Discord that all Helpers are required to participate in. Because of this, it is essential that all applicants are at least 13 years of age to comply with Discord's terms of service.

Helpers are also expected to remain active on the server. If they are found to be slacking on activity (both in game and within the Discord guild) then they may be demoted from the role.

Please note that we are not able to accept all applications and many of you may not make it through. Don't take it personally if this is the case. You are always welcome to try again when we open applications in the future.

If you think you are ready to join the Diversity staff team as a Helper and help our server grow, please hit the apply link below.

If you have any issues with the application, let me know!

Thank you and good luck with your application┬áÔś║´ŞĆ

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