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I'm outtie.

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Sorry all... I'm having issues, so I'm leaving.  I unclaimed all my claims and left a ton of stuff in chests under my igloo base.  My castle needs to be finished by whomever takes it over.  

I hope you get the problem with player's donations updating monthly working.  I think that mine not working was just the last straw in a bunch of stuff happening IRL.  

I may be back sometime... I don't know when or if I'll get back to Minecraft.  

Have fun all.

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I'm really sorry about the rank thing, some things just fall through the cracks and need reminding every now and then. You've got the supporter rank again and should have access to all that stuff now. The issue that caused it should also be fixed.

Removing your claims is a very bad idea as it allows others to grief and steal so it'd be really appreciated if you could at least re-claim things if you are not going to come back. Also in the off chance that you do come back, everything will still be safe and sound.

Hope you get through whatever it is you are having troubles with.

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Thanks Turbo... I understand that it was just something that happens... 

I was hoping someone else could take over my claim areas,  so that's why I unclaimed them... Hopefully nobody griefs there.  Do you really think I should reclaim them?

I doubt I'll be back for quite a while, except to reclaim the areas if you think I really should.


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We have admin claimed your castle, though I'm not sure about any other areas. Leaving builds unclaimed opens potential for griefing which I'm sure you know can be a hassle for staff to deal with.

Feel free to let us know if you want the claim transferred back to you or someone else.

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