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I've lost all my things in Vanilla.

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Now, nothing I had is irreplaceable. But, in Vanilla, on an excursion in the end, a fair amount out, I fell from a high place, and mined, instead of the pillar I'd made, the block next to it. So, if anyone is ever in the end under a end ship, and sees an inventory consisting of endstone, a diamond sword with sharpness one, 1-2 golden apples, enchanted iron armor, a diamond pickaxe, some Chrono brand bread, a iron shovel, two shulker shells and several other things, it's mine! Doubt anyone will ever find it, though. Don't go looking for it, but if you find it, thanks!

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2 hours ago, Impling said:

The race is on, who can find Chrono's stuff first....


Uh, I did! That was actually kind of easy once I found a landmark I remembered, I guess clogging up the forum with almost useful things is my thing!


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