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Chrono & Associates Build Inc. Welcomes You!

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Hello and good morning, afternoon, or night. I, Chrono and my Company, Chrono & Associates Build Inc. require associates. As you may or may not know, I have a build shop at my shop, (508 you should buy there) and am planning to expand that section. To do so, I'd enjoy hiring new people. DM me on discord, Chrono#7844, or reply to this thread if interested. Be ready to present a portfolio of builds, preferably built on the server. If accepted you will have permissions in my shop and be notified when we have a new project in need of being built. Payment will be split at different amounts depending on how many people work on each build (i.e. a build that two others and I work on could have the profits split 40% 30% 30% with me taking the majority, though that would be up to scrutiny, and I may decide to give the majority to whomever did the most/best work).

Note, I do not have a redstone shop, though I would enjoy to expand and would welcome a redstone portfolio though that'd have to be on the server. Also, you may not be excepted immediately even if I enjoy your builds.

-Chrono of C&AB Incorporated

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