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1) minecraft username: robyo1

2) reason for ban: being immature

3) reason should be unbanned: since i have been banned i my personality has matured and i am ready to follow the server's rules. Thankyou, robyo1

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HI there, 


Firstly in regards to your following post after this, one month doesn't equal 11 days, which is the amount of time that has been since this appeal.


Secondly, how can we know that you've really matured? You seemed to have a lot of infringements over the course of ~6 months, without maturing, so why now? 

(This many infringements to be exact:) 



So why should we really take you for your word when you've had this many chances? 



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I'll bring it up with other staff, but I was hoping that you might put a bit more effort into your post.    Your arguement so far seems to basically be 'it has been 8 months', and 'just trust me'.  Maybe spend some time thinking and writing a paragraph or two about why you should be unbanned, and or how you will make sure that you don't repeat the mistakes from the past.


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I Promise i Will not make the same mistake, I don't know what more i can say. I know my record is against me but People change, So can I. 

I was banned for Making Inappropriate Comments and having a fit about not being able to use /suicide. I will not make any sort of chat comment like that if i was to be unbanned. My Chat comments would be Polite and Kind. I would not make any rude or abusive comments towards other players. 

Diversity Should unban me because I have achieved about a rank 8 Meaning i have spent a lot of time and effort on this server. I am a dedicated player and will become an active member of the diversity community. I have so many good memories of my time on diversity and have had such a great time being apart of the community. 

I regret everything I have done to get to this point. I Promise to you All of the staff at Diversity that i have become a better person.

Thankyou for your time, Robbie

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