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Hello. I'm Tengy also know as Robin, I was banned by Luci for "we've had enough". Enough of what you ask? Well I was disrespectful harsh with language and just a flat out hand full. However I was immature and realize that I basically asked for a permaban and im sorry. however I'm looking for a nice fun community to play survival on and the friendliness of diversity popped into mind. I look forward to hearing back and possibly rejoining the community 


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First off 

Second off  (from last appeal):


May 2016: 1 day tempban for "Think before typing please" - this was changed into a new 3 day ban when you logged in with an alt and proceeded to say "disgusting shit" in chat because you were mad at us.

June 2016: 2 day tempban for "Being rude to people and telling them to fuck off, etc."

July 2016: 1 hour tempban for "This is your meme timeout. Please respect staff."  (yet I saw in your chatlog you're still trying to claim that "memes are aloud" to Steely. You really ought to know better by now.)

August 2016: 1 day tempban for "'KYS' and the use of the N word are not allowed on Diversity SMP"

You've also been muted for the N-word & use of memes, and you've been warned for spam, caps lock, and rude/inappropriate language EIGHT times.

You appealed on the forums for every tempban with excuses for why you did what you did (altho sometimes that excuse was simply "was drunk, don't remember" - classy!), but we made you wait them out. Regardless, we gave you another chance over and over again in the hopes that you'd change your ways.


May 20th 2017:  3 day tempban for "Inappropriate language, specifically randomly saying 'fag' in chat".

May 26th 2017: Permanent ban with the reason "We've had enough." This was after you came back from your tempban and decided the appropriate thing to do would be to pull pranks and refuse to claim your builds when told to, because you insisted there was no need. Staff would do all the hard work if someone griefed you, right? So why should you bother to claim anything? And the prank you pulled was to purposely mess up the treefarm - a place we'd had to talk to you about three times before because you either didn't replant at all or you replanted the wrong trees. As the reason clearly says, we'd had enough of your disrespect of our rules, and your disrespect of everything staff told you.

So why should we give you another chance?


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