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Schematica Banned?

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It has come to my attention that Schematica is not allowed on the server.  This is a great tragedy for me, along with others, as i like to import buildings i made in SP and other servers.

Me, all my friends, and many Diversity players would like to see this allowed, especially the printer.


Surely there must be a compromise, i'm sure for whatever reason a great tool like this was banned we can talk about it.

If this is not the right thread, please let me know and i will re post.


If anyone who made the decision not to allow Schematica can explain their reasoning it would be helpful.

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Hi WitheredFlame, 

Although I'm sure the admins will have a better response to you on this, I just wanted to add a little bit of input. 

21 hours ago, WitheredFlame said:

especially the printer.


As far as I know, this was the primary reason that the mod was banned. Most aspects of the mod were fine, just this one proved to cause a few liabilities. The main one being a large disadvantage it provided to other players not using the mod.  Most people enjoy building, and the reward that comes out of finishing a build, and allowing players to have an advantage over others due to a mod. If you're really too lazy to want to build it how most normal players do, why build it in the first place?


tl;dr We're not welcoming of the cheaty-lazy aspect of the mod. 




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Essentially what TwoDog said.

The SMP server is meant to primarily be survival based. The Printer aspect of the Schematica mod is very, very "cheaty" and it's unfair to other players who spend a lot of time and effort building amazing things the old fashioned way. If you want to cheat a build, whether its by just printing other people's work, using a mod to save time, or using creative inventories,  that's what creative servers are for. 

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