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Tournite // Jake

YouTube Trailer?

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Hi Diversity!

After browsing YouTube for some time. I decided to look up DiversitySMP, just to see what would pop up.

Although there is an official channel with only one video. Diversity does not have too much on a presence on YT. I am not suggesting a revamp of the channel, because the staff already have enough on their plate. But I am recommending a trailer.

This trailer would include hot spots around the server (not just SMP). Interviews of staff members, and more critical info. 

This trailer would allow the server to find more players than just relying on server websites.


As some know, I have worked on machinimas before. And I would love to take the handle to create this trailer...and then send it to one of the admins to upload it on the channel. 

So staff, I will let you discuss this matter. If you have any questions, I will have answers. Thank you!

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wow that is actually a great idea! It would bring more players to this amazing server! Nice suggestion Jake!  

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Sorry for the late reply, @Tournite // Jake . The internal discussion took a bit longer than anticipated. We think creating a video is a great idea and we all want to attract new players to Diversity. People have different opinions about what would be great/necessary for an official trailer. Therefore, there are some things you should be aware about.

The baseline is, that you are free to make any trailer you like, if you show it to us before publishing. Then, staff may want to have things changed and that may or may not be a problem for you. It is just something you should be aware about before starting that project. :) Also, there might be something happening regarding the upgrade to 1.13 soon, so it would probably make sense to wait for that.

That's it. Please, let us know what you think and wether or not you still want to do this.

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