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Unnamed country

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Hi for the last few months i have been trying to setup plans to start a multiple city area. Currently i have began construction on my primary city and have realized that it is very tedious to construct hundreds of copied houses. I am interested in seeing if people would like to become mayor of a city inside of the nearby area . If you would like to contribute and become a mayor please contact me. 

(all materials will be supplied excluding absurd requests example. 128 DB)


build as you please (don't go overkill I am supplying materials)

Make sure cities consist of at least 10 houses

I hope by clustering cities together the servers' issue of quickly decaying cities will be reduced. I hope if you intend to build a city you contact me and build it within the borders of  the Country. upon at least 5 cities being in the borders i will hold a vote to name the country.



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I'm not sure if I'm interested in building an all-out city, but I like to do custom trees and landscaping, so let me know if you need some help with that.

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