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Hello! I'm Alex and if it isn't obvious enough, I'm very gay.

I'm 13 currently and I live in Maine. I enjoy music and my favorite artist right now is Alec Benjamin (his songs are really good, go check them out!). I also enjoy gaming and a few games I really like are Minecraft (obviously), Sims 3 & 4, Don't Starve Together, Slime Rancher, and many more! Also I love reading. The book I'm currently reading is the 4th book in the Red Queen series and its a wonderful series that you should check out if you love fantasy books! Other series I love are The Land of Stories and Foxcraft. Some other things I enjoy are drawing, Netflix, staying up late, and uhhh that's all I can think of right now.

Though some days I'll play for 10 hours and some days I'll barely play for 1 hour I'm not leaving any time soon unless I have to. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to just start chatting to me on Discord or in game, I'll happily be your friend! Also I try not to be annoying, so sorry if I am. I don't mean to, really.

Feel free to ask me anything you want!

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My favorite book? Thats tough.. I have so many favorites but The Land Of Stories was what got me into reading so I'll have to say that that series is my favorite.

I've played Minecraft for 5 years and probably wasted far to much time on it.

And narwhals are cool.

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