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Group Build Project

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Building alone is great and all, but I was thinking it would be nice to invite some other people on and build something awesome together. After all, the most fun that I and probably most of you have had on this server has been doing stuff with other people. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to see what you guys like to build. :) 

I don’t want to be the leader of this project, but I do have a location in mind. For quite a few hours, me and some others have worked to terraform a very large island. I really love building on islands and I think it will be easier to plan a layout for the design of whatever we should build. Also, who doesn’t like a nice waterfront view, right?2018-06-15_11_30_21.thumb.png.cb3d4404dccfa64587902e805e0ba4d1.png

(That's only a portion of it,  we will have plenty of room, don't worry. And I know the stone areas are ugly, but I figure they will be covered up by builds or custom terrain later, so I didn't want to waste dirt covering them up now.)


There is no level requirement for this project, but it would be nice to see what else you’ve built on this server, and if you’re a low level and you haven’t built anything here yet, just show me what you’ve built on another server. Post some screenshots below if you want. You're not expected to be a fantastic builder, by the way. I want this to be really casual.

How dedicated of a builder you’re expected to be:

Anyway, I know that lots of people have their own stuff going on, and I know that some of you don’t have the time or desire to work on a massive long term type project. So, I’m going to try and accommodate both people who want to be a part of the “official team” and people who just want to come and build a few buildings or trees as a way of helping out:

People that want to join and build until everything is finished:

For people interested in joining this project (whatever we decide to build) and seeing it through ‘till the end, the project starts now. As long as you’re a relatively good builder and play fairly actively, then you’re welcome aboard! Let me know if you’re interested below, and then find me online sometime. Keep in mind that for the first few weeks, we will most likely just be deciding what we want to build, what style it’s going to be in, and where everything is going to go. Like I said earlier, it is quite a big island.

People that don’t want to put as much commitment into the build, but still want to help:

For people that think stuff like this is cool, but for whatever reason, can’t be a “permanent” member of the team, there is still something for you. However, you might not have as much freedom with what you build and where it goes and what style its in, as you’re not going to be on for the full ride, and you may not even start with everyone else at the beginning. Let me know here if you’re interested, but it might be a while for us to plan out the build and give you something to work on. You can still give suggestions of course - Like I said above, I don’t want to lead this project, I just want to build something awesome with other people.

Coordinating and stuff:

I know it's pretty much impossible to play Minecraft every single day, so discord will probably be the main form of communication when it comes to planning the layout of the build. I am pretty much a noob when it comes to running a discord server, so hopefully someone who wants to work on this project will be smarter than me. I’ll let them take care of creating a server and all the discord stuff.

What are we even going to build:

So now we just have to decide what to build. I was originally thinking the island would be perfect for a full New York style city, but then I realized that the island was too small to realistically do something like that, so I thought a resort type build would be nice, but I don’t really care. It’s up to you. For the style I’d like to try some more colorful stuff instead of the standard, more medieval style that I normally do. Check out this really cool oriental decorated office:


Sign up to build below, and don't be afraid to give suggestions! :) 

(PS: If you want me to just choose something to build to speed up the process of planning and get straight to building, I can do that too, but I want you all to have a chance to throw out ideas.)




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added a screenshot of the island
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Oh i'd love to be apart of this build project! Maybe we could do like a small scale new york

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current team: Jup, Magnata (in game name UZZY85) Mut (creating the discord server now) and me. 

Ideas put forth for building: Small New Tork style town, resort. (We could do both)

Ideas put forth for style: New York, Oriental (Again, we could easily do both)

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Ok, we now have a 5 person team, a basic map of what we want, and a discord server. We have started building today, but we're still willing to take in more people. 

I think this thread has served its purpose. If you decide to sign up, just send me a private message, either on discord or the forums. I'll create a new thread when the build is finished to show off what we made :) 

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