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Welcome to the CRAZY MINER!

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Yeehaw, cowgirls and cowboys!

It is my pleasure to announce the opening of my new shop: Jazz's CRAZY MINER. Come find us at the shop disctrict at plot 706 for a healthy serving of golden carrots and some extra tasty enchantments for desert! 🥕🧙‍♂️🤩


Shop design by: @WitherTheOnlyOG. Thanks again, mate!




We have rebranded and are selling all new stuff now!

Price list (D=items of diamond, DB=Blocks of diamond):

cactus green  x 64                 1D
lime green x 64                      1D
cyan dye  x 64                        1D
vines  x 64                               1D
sea lantern  x 64                     1D
dark prismarine  x 64             1D
prismarine bricks x 64            1D
grass block  x 64                     1D
golden carrots x 64                 1D
jazzkovsky's head                    50DB

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