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Mob farm not getting any mobs, help

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I built a mob farm on SMP and it should work but it's not, I don't know whats wrong with it.

This is the farm that I built, I AFK at the right spot, the farm is correct, but its not getting any mobs at all basically.

If anybody could come see it in-game that be great, my username is hjarvis13, im online usually 4pm GMT - 10pm GMT everyday.


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How high up did you build your farm? The guy in the video mentioned that the rates are better the lower you build it. 

Also, in this video, the mob farm has the only available spawning spaces for mobs, but on Diversity, even if you lit up all the caves around the farm, there will still be other areas for mobs to spawn because there are chunks loaded by other players. Mob farms on servers are generally slower than single-player farms.

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