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Status on modded server

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This will not effect most of the people on the server. But for the players who play modded, this will be important to you.  As some people know there is a modded server, and recently it has been having some issues. So sometime within the next couple days , the modded server will be shutting down as it is being redone.  And some of you will be wondering   "what will happen to my base?"  the truth is, I do not know for sure,  The plan is to move over to a custom modpack for the reason that it lets us have more control of what mods are used and to what extents they are used to.  If you have some questions, feel free to contact me over discord. 

And if the map does end up being reset,  I will  Try to provide a world download for your single player worlds of the server map, but this is not promised, or there may not even be a reset to start with.

Also. Feel free to comment on this post with some 1.7.10 mods that you would like to see featured. No promises that they will be implemented into the pack though. And those asking about modded stuff on smp constantly will be punished if  need be

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Feel free to add to this list we must maintain the modded server!

You can do it Knight \m/

Bold = Pleaseeeeee :P:) 





Magic crops

Extra Utilities


Big Reactors

Biomes O Plenty


Open Blocks

Ender IO > Includes Ender Tech everything really 


Hats are essential!



Rail Craft


Iron Chest

Magic Bees


Pam's harvest craft

Redstone Arsenal

Tinkers construct

Simply Jetpacks



Thermal Expansion



If We Get More Ram and can handle it then Twilight Forest

Enchanting Plus




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So as Scott said there should be some mods that need to be in said pack.

PS:Please 1.7.10 or 1.8

AE2 And AE2 Stuff also Extra Cells (Bigger storage cells)

Big reactors 

Extra Utilities 

Tinkers Construct

Iron Chest 

Thermal Foundation/Thermal Expansion/Thermal Dynamics/MineFactory Reloaded/Nether Ores  All from TeamCofh  https://teamcofh.com/permissions/

Ender IO



Warp Book

Open Blocks


Fastcraft  (Better FPS)

Ender Storage (Better Enderchests)


Aroma Mining World

Blood Magic

Voxel Map

That is a list of mods that should be in the pack but here are some that should not be. 




More Planets 

Twilight Forest

Backpacks(Also Extra Utilt has golden bags of holding same as max backpack)

Also a reset would not be the worst and would give time to try new mods.


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I'd appreciate draconic evolution and archimedes ships (because that's a fun mod)

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thaumcraft additions also, like forbidden magic and thaumic tinkerer,

blood magic


and some of the tech mods like ic2 and buildcraft

iguanas tweaks?

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I am perfectly happy with a reset. Especially since I dont know what to do now haha. New mods would be nice.

Here's my list:

Applied Energistics 2 (top pick)

Tinker's Construct

CoFH, and all of its addons. (This is thermal expansion stuff btw) (top pick)

Warp books


Forge Multi Part (covers, panels, etc)


ProjectE (EMC stuff)


Draconic Evolution


Big Reactors (necessity)

Extra Utilities


Pam's harvestcraft

MineFactory Reloaded

Forestry (top pick)

Extra Bees (required with Forestry)

Binnie's Mod (goes with Forestry)

Gendustry (pairs with forestry, super important if you are going to include forestry)




BiblioWoods Biomes O Plenty (if you add BOP)


Industrial Craft 2

Aroma (world backup, and ores world)

Death Graves



Open Blocks

Biomes 'O Plenty

Magic Crops

Inventory Tweaks

The betweenlands (yes, there is a 1.7.10 download at the bottom of the page, even though it says 1.12/1.10)

Extra Cells 2



Moo Fluids

Iron Chests

AE2 Stuff (yes thats the name of the mod)

Not Enough Items / whatever the 1.7.0 equivalent is

Nether Ores


Lunatrius Core (TreeCapitator and Schematica require this)

WAILA harvestability


WAILA plugins

Open Modular Turrets (this nice for defending yourself when you are afk, or just in general from mobs that want to get at you)


Morph Mod


Blood Magic

Roguelike dungeons

If you dont want biomes O plenty, feel free to try out something different. like...

Alternate Terrain Generator (this is a really cool mod, I love it, it makes the world look amazing, but cannot be used with BOP)

JurassiCraft (always wanted to try this one out)

Dense Ores

Druidry (looks cool)

Hunger Overhaul + AppleCore (food is more of a challenge, thus makes farming more of a necessity, I like it a lot)

Modular Power Suits


Extra Planets (just ignore this one if u want to evade pain)

Mo creatures

Fast Leaf Decay

Cosmetic Armour (i'd love this)


And here's a list of stuff Im sure other people will want:


Carpenters blocks


Twilight Forest

Chisels and bits



And that is it. This is my carefully crafted modpack list if I were to create a mod pack.

Here's a pic of Alternate Terrain Generation. (there's much more to it, but this is what I saw within 1 min of creating the world)


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Two mods I doubt we'll see is Veinminer and Schematica.

Veinminer- I like it, but I can admit it can be real cheaty.

Schematica- It's been banned from the main SMP. The auto build function makes it unfair. Not only that, but since it's a client-side mod, I don't know if there's a way to disable auto-build.

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On 3/5/2018 at 3:18 PM, Knightman said:

Well. As there seems to be quite a bit of wonder about this.  I made a poll to see what you guys would want


Whaaaaaaat why does everyone want a reset ;-;



Well, that's sad, I was actually wondering what went wrong, but I guess it will be fun to start again. whatever happens, I'll definitely keep playing modded, because awesome modded servers are hard to find and I love diversity haha


anyway, I liked a lot of the mods, but the most important ones to me are probably Bibliocraft, Pam's Harvestcraft,  Mr. Crayfishs furniture mod, Biomes o' plenty, Galacticraft, Safari net, Tinkers Construct, Chisel,  and the essential ones like Treecapitator, Morphs, and Minimaps.


New ones that could be fun would be things like Candycraft, which allows you to go into a candy dimension, and Tropicraft, which adds a load of tropical stuff and even allows you to go to a safari paradise. (it also adds fish so that's cool)


one I (surprisingly) don't want, is Mo' creatures. (Sorry) It just kinda stresses me out with all those potentially dangerous mobs? it really just makes me too scared to leave the first safe thing I jump on haha 

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I agree with most of the lists above in terms of mods, a good one to add would be mo creatures or if there's a similar mod to that which doesn't have so many hostile mobs  would be good. Definitely Biomes O' Plenty, Tree Capitator, Chisel, Pams Harvestcraft, Maps, Mr. Crayfishes Furniture, Twilight Forest, Open Blocks. OH and i can't remember what its called but its a mod that lets you have dragons and you can get different types etc it looks pretty cool

Anyways, whatever mods are added I'm sure they'll be good to the game and lets be real I'm not gonna complain either way :))

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