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Can I be unbanned plz

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Please, can I be unbanned I was perm banned 3yrs ago (I think 3yrs maybe more or less) I was acting dumb and I really regret trolling one of the staff members. I would really appreciate it if I could be unbanned. Thank you for the response. Username; ThatGamerHD

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You were banned on the 6th of February, 2016, which makes it two years ago. The reason for your ban was "pranking/griefing and being annoying". Before we banned you, you received 2 warnings, one on January 29th and another on January 30th, just a week before.

Please follow the guideline in the post Knightman linked and tell us why we should unban you.

(Also, your username appears to be thatgamer396, not ThatGamerHD)

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