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New Skyblock servers ready for testing

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Hey you diverse peoples

You may have seen us talk about how our current Skyblock server is not going to be upgraded anymore due to lack of development for the plugin, you may have also seen us mention we will be looking at replacement plugins to keep the awesome challenge of Skyblock alive and well within the Diversity network.

We've just opened two new servers for everyone to try out the following plugins:

  • ASkyBlock - /server sb2 - this plugin is your standard Skyblock experience, you start with an island in the sky and attempt to complete challenges to further your status as the ultimate skylord. The plugin is under active development and works for the latest version of Minecraft (yay!) so we're not expecting it to die any time soon.
  • AcidIsland - /server sb3 - this plugin brings a twist to Skyblock - AcidIsland puts you on a small island in a never ending ocean... of acid. That's right, the water HURTS YOU (rain included). Everything works the same as Skyblock, except you're surrounded by (murderous) water instead of air. I should also mention this plugin is developed by the same guy who does ASkyBlock (above) so you'll notice the challenges are very similar, as are the commands.

Please try out both of these servers and tell us which one you prefer. The server with most preference will end up replacing our current Skyblock server, which may or may not be deleted. Remember to play on these servers with the idea that they may not be around forever, don't get too attached to your builds!

Thank you :) 

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4 hours ago, DomTheDomino said:

I think ASkyBlock would be good, as it rewards you for doing challenges, so you can do things easier by the stuff you got in from the challenges.

Yes but they all do that. Did you even try them? :P

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Top tip for y'all when playing on sb2. Set you island home while standing in a pool of water...

/is sethome

Then when you mess up and fall (or the plugin messes up 'cus, you know, shit happens)...


Laters o/

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And a tip for sb3, don't do that. Water kills you.


(but do /is sethome somewhere safe for when you fall off things or fall into water)

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