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TrueMechanics ban appeal

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 dear Diversitymc.net


I have been banned for a reason that is not on the rules and that building round claimed land is not on the rules but i did loot bases so i think i deserve a 3 day ban because my friend ********* [name removed by moderator] was banned for griefing and he got banned for three days so i think i deserve the same as him because we both did the same thing wrong.

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Firstly: See the sticky at the very top of the ban appeals forum


Secondly: The summary rules in-game are just that, summaries. The current rules can be found here:  https://diversitymc.net/rules

In the time you've been with us recently you've broken the following rules

Rule #2 - No griefing or stealing
- You've admitted to this so no need to belabour the point

Rule #4 - No PVP except in designated areas or PVP servers
- You were seen attempting PVPing with another player by staff

Rule #8 - Respect other players' builds and spaces
- Demanding revenge against another player (in chat) and taking matters into your own hands by building a 'revenge wall' instead of contacting staff and letting us do our jobs. I had asked you about a half hour before this if there was a problem and if you wanted any help?

Third: Ban lengths, when we feel forced to make them, are determined by the severity of the rule breaking. We saw no evidence of any other 'revenge walls' in the incidents that led up to your being temporarily banned.


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Ban appeal response



Reasoning: He claimed my base that took me 2 and a half hours to build which in event made me triggers and sent me mad and you can check on the logs and also in my opinion i did not  belabour

you in the message.Also I don't know if you have justified the point "Rule #8 - Respect other players' builds and spaces"enough for players such as me to be able to follow the rule


and the admin who dealt with it was a bit abuse in chat. Also i don't have much else to do because i play on the server a lot and i won't be able to play with them when they get unbanned.

also i did have his permission to build a wall because we were being stupid and he said i could build i wall around his base . Plus It was my base in the first place i build it he claimed it so i was sort of disrespecting my own base.




kind regards TrueMechanics

Edited by TrueMechanics

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Someone claiming your build was wrong, but the right thing to do if that happens to you is to contact the server staff and ask for assistance. Getting angry and behaving badly by building another wall with claims right around is not the right thing to do at all. After the fact saying "...we were being stupid..." does not excuse the behaviour.

In addition to that....here's a couple of things that you said in public chat:

  • ********* claimed my base becuase it wasnte claim and i am gonna do some stuff
  • he has grieffed my base i want revenge

Server logs clearly show you 'raiding' unclaimed builds in the mesa near where you built your base.

In your post above you also claim the staff member who was managing the incident was abusive in chat. Having reviewed the logs I can see that is not correct. This same staff member is the same one that transferred the ownership of the claim on your build back to you!

Since then you've also felt it unnecessary to follow the rules in this forum twice in the last day by posting to other players ban appeals despite the fact it says clearly at the top of the forums not to do so.

All of these things demonstrate a lack of respect for others, a lack of respect for other people's work and show a lack of respect for our rules. Why would we reduce the duration of your temporary ban in light of all this?

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