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News Applications Are Open

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Hello! Interested in being part of the news team? This post is for you!


What does the news team do?

Each month we try to get out a news edition including events that happened, holidays that might happen, new things on Diversity, and holding fun competitions that get you in game prizes.


Where can you find the news?

The news is always gonna be posted in the "News Update" section of the forum for obvious reasons


What would I do as a news member?

Great question! As a news crew member, you are responsible to help out in the making of each month's edition. We hold weekly meetings, if available, and give out jobs for different parts of the news. For example, we have many jobs; editing, writing, making games, checking out events, getting build ideas, interviewing players, and tons of other fun things


Would I qualify as a news member?

Diversity's News Crew is a very open group of people that just love to get together and write about things going on and to get the latest scoop of the editions. Anyone qualifies, however, we DO ask that you answer questions and prove to us a little bit of your writing skills so we know that you're right for us!


So, still interested?


 APPLY HERE TODAY! https://goo.gl/forms/yVmIKyk9XLGUdb5D3  


We hope you join us, we'd love to have new members!

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