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Machine of Death

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How will you die?

You've always wanted to know...well for around $20 and drop of your blood the machine will tell you. It won't tell you when or where, or any of that other stuff, just how. It is unfailingly accurate and 100% guaranteed.

Interesting premise isn't it? Well you can read an ebook, for free (it's creative commons licensed), that has a number of short stories about how the machine might change people's lives.  I read this and the sequel years ago and own the game (of creative assassination) that it spawned on Kickstarter.


If reading isn't your thing, listen to these stories as podcasts http://feeds.feedburner.com/machineofpodcast

The Machine

It's not real, but if you'd like a fun prediction of how you will die from a web based bot...well that can be arranged http://machineofdeath.com/.

Anyone gets any particularly exciting predictions, post them below and if you like the book consider supporting the authors with some of your cash. Info at http://machineofdeath.net

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On 8/24/2017 at 11:53 PM, AdventureNarwhal said:

I tried to get it to predict my death. It just said "nothing"

I will die from nothing?


I tried it again with different names and birth dates and got "crash" and "morphine" :P 

Could be the vacuum of space? Maybe you shouldn't ride on Mr Musk's first passenger rocket :lol:

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Hmmm, tricky one, how to have one missile do for two people in different countries...pondering it...more complicated because others have CoD that ain't nuclear Armageddon, this is going to take finesse ;) 

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