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Nope. Not another Monthly Update®

If you're reading this now, you've probably noticed the forum looks a bit... different. I have just updated the forum software to the latest version and it's brought along many new features with it. I'm not going to list all the updates, 'cause there are a lot, so here is a link to the blog post by InvisionPower explaining it. Something about clubs and reactions...  ❤👎😂🎀

Unfortunately this means the theme I customised for the forum once upon a time doesn't look too great. Fortunately you can switch to the default theme which looks to be much better. To do this, head to the bottom of any forum page and choose the "Default" theme:


You'll lose our fancy logo in the top left corner but at least you'll have an easier time looking at the forum.


I will be working on designing a forum theme that better matches our website.

If you're wondering about our monthly updates, we'll talk about that soon.


EDIT: I've made a quick start on an updated theme for the forum, it's still in development but feel free to use it if you like. Feedback appreciated.


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54 minutes ago, Turbotailz said:

we'll talk about that soon.


Ack! Hate that phrase.


*Dramatic Music*


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something something...


Clubs. Suspicious... -_-

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