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You should never be scared to say a pun. Never.   Here's a great one I heard today: Why does the Norwegian navy have barcodes on the side of their ships? So when they arrive back in por

So how was your sleep? I had a KNIGHTmare *gets blown by a creeper* Had a BLAST didn't you? Why is Bec not sleeping? BECuz why not? How did you on the test, Ace? I

Wait why did it do it 3 times I'm confused.

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shout out to the people wondering what the opposite of in is


I need an adult

(also wtf I've reached 800 content)

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13 hours ago, jepanddep said:

I have an electricity lab to do next week in class.

I'm CURRENTly very AMPed up for it. I can't RESIST.

you may have sparked a new line of puns. I just got a sudden jolt of inspiration. I promise you the end result will be very shocking. Guess I better bolt before Knight kills me.

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I'm such a terrible person for continuing this thread.

One day there are 4 men sitting at a pier by the sea, an Englishman, French, Spaniard, and a German. Out of nowhere, a dolphin wanted attention and saw the 4 men, he kindly spoke in their languages: Can you see me? (wtf a talking dolphin)

The four men replied:

The Englishman said: Yes

The French said: Oui

The Spaniard said: Si

and the German said: Ja

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