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Monthly Update: May 2017 - Birthday Edition!

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MONTHLY UPDATE: MAY 2017 - Birthday Edition!

We are very excited to celebrate the third anniversary of Diversity (May 10th)

Our server has grown and expanded exponentially over the years. Along with the growth of the server, came the growth of our amazing community. Of course, people come and go, but our community has always been a warm and inviting one. Diversity's staff team has grown and developed as well. I myself have been lucky enough to play and work along side an amazing group of people I never would have met without this place. 
Now enough with the sappy stuff, let's get on with this!



Yes, in light of our third birthday, we will be hosting some fun events throughout the day of May 10th.

Here's what the events team has got in store:

Stay tuned for more information about these events. You will not want to miss the chance to win the prizes we have in store.



We are still in the design stages of what we actually plan on doing, but things are going to change when it comes to shops on the server.

With the increase of new players and players level 5 and up, the shop warp has become plump full of shops. There are 142 plots in the shop warp, and they are all full! It can sometimes be hard to find your way through the shop warp, and it can also cause a crazy amount of lag for our players.

So, what are we going to do about it?

We are going to introduce shopping malls, which will be located in a few separate locations across the server. The plan is our higher level players will be able to build shops in a new, less crowded area where players can shop more easily.  I am not going to go in depth, as I don't want to make any promises I cannot keep. Although, I will promise you will all hear about it when the time comes.



In spite of players being permanently banned and returning to post a ban appeal, the staff team has concluded that we will not take any ban appeals from permanently banned players until 6 months after their first ban appeal. For example: If they are banned on March 1st they can come and appeal on March 15th, that's fine. But they may not appeal again in June, cause it hasn't been 6 months since their last appeal.

Pro tip: Just don't get yourself banned, okay?



Whatevahhh and Stiles have worked to create the Diversity News. Quite a few people applied to take on roles to help with the newspaper. Here is your Diversity News Team:



@Ale @Tuff

You two have served this server well and have proven yourselves worthy time and time again. We really hope you'll keep in touch and maybe one day return. Good luck with life.

And thank you,


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As it is the 10th in New Zealand right now... Happy Birthday to my baby. 3 whole years! Where has the time gone? We've seen so many people come and go, it's been a wonderful ride and I look forward to seeing where we go in the future.

To anyone wondering why I've been inactive lately, I am focusing on IRL things right now and need some time away from all the admin responsibilities. I'm still here for urgent queries (mostly to do with supporter/financial stuff). I'll be back soon :) :luff:

Enjoy the events!

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We will miss them :wave:

Now it surely is interesting to see Diversity turn 3 years old now. :D Second time I'll be seeing this.

Thanks for the Update Bucky. xD

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Lol, Lou and Knight are in there to but thanks for the update and I'm so happy to be in the news crew! Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIVERSITY (Weird saying that coz it's my birthday to lol) Ik I haven't been on for the amount of time as others, coz they've been on for a very long time :P but I joined before the 2nd birthday :D Can't believe it's the 3rd already!!! <3 

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My reson for edit is coz I pooped :P

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GG Lou And Knight! :D Happy Birthday Diversity, Been With You Since December 2015! Happy Birthday (AGAIN.... :P) Look Forward To The Next Few Years And When The Server Is Up Today! ;D 

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Forgot to change the font etc. :p i am unique ! :D
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