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I put the glass for recycling out lon the kerbside last night. By way of explanation... before going out it is collected in one of a stack of plastic tubs all other recycling goes in a big separate bin.


So I put the tub out. When I got home this evening I found that the tub hadn't been replaced. Why? So I grabbed the tub and went to stack it and what did I see? A nest containing 5 small eggs in the next tub down, a few minutes later when I looked again there was mama robin sat on her brood.


So here the problem, what do I do to keep them alive? They are close to the ground so not exactly predator (cat, fox, mouse, rat or hedgehog) safe. And if the eggs do hatch the chicks are going to be unable to get out of the plastic tub that mama nested in. 

Any help or practical ideas appreciated.

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I know that a lot of cities have Bird Rescue programs, usually for "a bird flew into the window and broke its wing" type situations, but they may be able to pass on some advice to you if you reach out?

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All the advice I was able to find was leave them alone. I left them alone, undoubtedly a good call because now just a few days later...

Sometime since yesterday morning the eggs have hatched! I stepped outside to the bins and mama flew off, glancing down I saw hungry chick beaks pointed up into the sky. No picture I'm afraid but they were like little funnels pointing at the sky, no way to count how many either, although definately more than one.

Apparently it takes the babies about 2 weeks to leave the nest, or "fledge," and then they usually stay with their parents for two or three weeks after that. So if they can survive the next little while...

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So today had to come...

Left for work this morning and the chicks were nesting, came home this evening and lo and behold, they're gone!  'My' chicks have fledged and flown the nest!  So proud of mama robin for feeding her babies to this point.

Wife and youngest son have seen a number of them around the back yard this evening. You can hear them, several of them in fact, just by standing at the door and listening and I was supremely lucky and caught sight of one (or maybe two) of them near the nest site. They are very active and disappeared almost as soon as I took my eyes of them 



Any body messes with my robins and I'll call out the torch wielding mob!



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