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The Town of Pauper

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  Hello guys! Recently I made a cool medieval themed Latin american town. I'd love some feedback and compliments! Here is the story to the town!


(Plot cords are at 612 304) 

Present day May Tenth Seventeen-Fifty-Four. The small town of Pauper has recently come into a conflict since the miners had an odd explosion and one of the bridges collapsed! Two were killed and believed to be an accident may have not been. A story is developing as it may have been an attempt for murder! The population boom had recently came to the road that has been cut through the mountains to connect this small heaven to the rest of Latin america. The town is very strange and full of Easter Eggs! Now it is very had to trust anyone! The mine has been closed and you must find out through clues what killed these miners as your first hint will be in this phrase.

Hint 1:

I love to be and I am to be hiddeN In This plot and to be Hidden nEar the Mines or where you can dINE. 

Good Luck!


Some Pictures are below.

Here is a video:



Feedback would be encouraged!


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One akward question...


Why is this on the SMP Forum even though it's part of the Creative server?


Also this is amazingly well done.

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