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Minigames Are Back

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That's right Minigames are back, although they never actually left! Mainly due to to the new intake of Helpers who are more than willing to host these awesome games for you. So, this may raise the question of what's in store for you? Well, with a new schedule of hosts who will be hosting around the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) so that everyone has a chance to play. Here's how everything will work. 


Our hosts are trained to host these minigames, and also have some special commands to open and close the servers. This does not mean you can't do this yourself. If you want to play either UHC or Survival Games this still works the same as long as you can gather the right amount of players.

However the team of hosts consists of,






They will be around at the weekends free to host during certain times. Look out for them announcing in game that they will be hosting and do /server hub to head towards the minigames server portals. However If there aren't enough players the game may not go ahead :( 


Although probably posted somewhere else, here's a recap of the prizes you can get after winning one of the games.


Here's what you get for winning Survival Games:

  • 1x Diamond Sword (Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Mending) named King of SG 
  • 1x Bow (Power V, Unbreaking III, Mending) 
  • 32x Arrows of instant damage II 
  • 32x Spectral arrows
  • Full set of chainmail armor (custom names) King/Queens' crown for helmet, etc.
  • 1x Diamond Block 
  • 1x Emerald Block
  • 1x Iron Block
  • 1x Gold Block
  • 1x Player Skull

On  top of all that you also unlock new kits that can be used in future games.

Rewards for winning UHC:

  • A chest full of building blocks (random)
  • 1x Pig/Cow spawnegg (also random)
  • 1x Player Skull
  • 3x Diamond Blocks
  • 3x Iron Blocks
  • 3x Emerald Blocks
  • 3x Gold Blocks

How to claim your prize:

So I've recently revamped the prize hall to make it easier to claim your prize. After winning a game, if you head over to the Event Museum (Can be found at /warp hub > places, round the back on the right) then proceed to the prize hall. Survival Games prizes can be found on the right hand side, while UHC prizes are on the left side. Your head will be displayed above the chest with your prize in it. 

Note: Prizes may take upto a day for them to appear in the chests (Due to them having to be done manually)


If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, or if you see one of the hosts ingame don't hesitate to query with them. Happy gaming folks :D

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3 hours ago, Ace said:

I ain't no helper!

/demote Ace


There! You're a helper now :D

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*cries for all eternity*

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