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Plugin Nether safe random teleport plugin

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Develop a plugin that will randomly teleport a player to a location in the nether.  I would want a plugin that accepted a command like the below. It would would pick a random x,z value that is less absolute value that is between the minimum and maximum radius, then it would find a save place near those coords to teleport the player.  It must not put people above the nether ceiling, or into lava.  They must have enough head room to safely breath..

/rtpn <player> <world> <x> <z> <minradius> <maxradius>

I would not be opposed to just having the plugin modify the selected landing point.  So if it is above lava place a small 3x3 platform of netherbrick , or if in the middle of netherrack, make a small 3x3x3 open space.

Feel free to discuss or ask questions.  Ideally I would like to see the source of any plugin develop be hosted on  github, and I would like it to be developed in a way that it can be re-compiled by staff if needed.


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