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My ingame name is cheesits456

I was banned for using xray hacks which I admit to. I wanted to get some materials quickly.

I'm sorry for what I did and have learned my lesson - I will never hack on this server again. I just want to get back on the server and have fun in a community I enjoy, and would rather not wait 4 days to do so. I feel bad for what I did, and it won't happen again. I'm asking that my ban be removed, so I can get back to playing on a truly fantastic server

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Hi there,

I understand you don't want to wait 4 days to continue playing on our server. However, you should have thought about the consequences before breaking our rules.
(Those rules being #6: No client hacks, cheating or server exploits and #11: Do not circumvent a ban by logging in with an alt)
Logging in twice with an alt also didn't help your case since we had told you not to in the first ban description.

I'm sorry to say but I will not be unbanning you.

Please take this time to review our rules: http://diversitysmp.com#rules

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