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Revamp of UHC?

Tournite // Jake

UHC Questions  

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  1. 1. Would you like to play in a UHC?

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  2. 2. Should the UHC be teamed // solo

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    • Teams (2 or 3)

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*I know we have the UHC Gamemode, I am just looking for a good Event Date to hold it*

What is UHC?

Minecraft UHC (which stands for Ultra Hardcore) is a gamemode created by Mindcrack. Damage dealt to you (by fall damage, mobs, players etc) will be permanent UNLESS you heal using Golden Apples, Golden Heads and Health Potions (rules may be adjusted). 

Why UHC?

UHC is a great way to get a community involved with its members. Diversity has been a striving community, and I feel with just a simple UHC, bonds (especially if we do random teams) between players will become stronger.

Also as said in past Monthly Updates, Diversity wants to also deal with other modes other than SMP. UHC could be a great thing, even though it won't be happening every second like Hypixel or BadLion.

A simple UHC here and there could be great. Especially with people who want to record. I wish I had started to record my adventures on SMP when I joined, but its too late now. If we do a UHC, Imagine: Diversity UHC Season One! Could be nice promotion for the server if a quantity of people record.

When will it be?

This all depends. Depends when staff is available (which in retrospect, the people of Diversity could try to host it), and it also depends on the players. Since we are from all around the world (even though so many of us are from Ohio, including myself, out of all the states: Ohio xD).

I believe setting a certain time and date for the UHC would help the turnout, but we would need to advertise it to the server probably in a months advance (use the monthly update // event forums).


Brings the server together

It is a very special event for the server. We on't have to have it every second like some servers do, but at least get some here and there.

Good advertising for the server if people recorded the event (even if they did a highlights, that'd be cool).



TIME! Getting a lot of people (including staff) will be difficult on the same day and time. Plus everyone has to stay throughout the whole UHC (unless they die of course) It would be bad if it was the final two and one had to leave because of dinner. Then the winner would be proclaimed: not good.



I know I am biased on this whole situation, but I believe it could be nice for the server. Hey, maybe the new people who are hired as Helper could run the UHC? Who knows?! 

I'd love to hear of what you have to say! Comment down below and I will get back to you, and I bet the staff will also help out too :D 

Thank you!

Daddy Tournite <3




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