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Found 7 results

  1. *I know we have the UHC Gamemode, I am just looking for a good Event Date to hold it* What is UHC? Minecraft UHC (which stands for Ultra Hardcore) is a gamemode created by Mindcrack. Damage dealt to you (by fall damage, mobs, players etc) will be permanent UNLESS you heal using Golden Apples, Golden Heads and Health Potions (rules may be adjusted). Why UHC? UHC is a great way to get a community involved with its members. Diversity has been a striving community, and I feel with just a simple UHC, bonds (especially if we do random teams) between players will become stronger.
  2. Hello everyone! As you can see from the title, UHC and Survival Games are officially back! About time, isn't it? (Confession to make, KIlkAAAA's just a very lazy human (squid) being). To quote Turbo: (Comic Sans because we all know how much Turbo loves it ) "We've decided to change the name of BGames/Battle Royal (again) to something a little more familiar - Survival Games! Not only that, but we now have more staff available to host these games (and UHC) every weekend. So if you're into a bit of harmless PVP fun, make sure to check out these events when you can. We'v
  3. Dan203

    Future of UHC

    So... UHC has been quiet lately, so what do we wanna do now? At least a few people play it but like a few times. Should their be an upgrade or new addition? Who knows! All I just wanted is to know what to do with UHC
  4. Dan203

    Hosting a UHC

    Now here's one thing I've had in my mind for a long time. Since the UHC server has opened, I thought of Hosting UHCs on it. I'm now a Private UHC Host on 2 server currently. So let me think of this, should we add a server were we can Host UHCs with different scenarios and a lot of players? That's it for now! Dan is Awesome too.
  5. KIlkAAAA


    Congrats DarkMonolith on winning today's second UHC
  6. KIlkAAAA


    Congrats DarkMonolith for winning today's UHC
  7. Monthly Update: March 2016 New Forum Edition! Hello everyone! This month's update is an exciting one, as we have finally opened up the new forum to you all! Not only that, but there are some other great updates to share as well. So what are you waiting for? Get reading! This month's updates: New Forum is here - what you need to know Warp request guidelines are changing Helpers will be announced soon UHC Lobby Build Competition winner announced Official Battle Royale & UHC Events coming soon The deal with 1.9
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