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  1. 1) What's your current in-game name? zchrris 2) What do you think you were banned for? If you are unsure, our rules can be found at diversitymc.net/rules Spam 3) Why should you be unbanned? You should unban me because I didn't know spamming commands wasn't allowed. I was messing around with my friends and got banned for /msg spamming. I am very sorry, I didn't know it was disallowed.
  2. I was banned for 6 days for "stealing" but yet in the claim tutorial, it even said "example A" and "example B" on the signs about the houses and chests. That, This is what happens when you do NOT /claim your buildings and chests. I feel like it's all going against your own words of such about these /claims in my high opinion.
  3. 1) Arct1cYet1 2) "Racism is not tolerated. come back when you are not childish" 3) Some guy had built near me and made a racist 'cemetery', I think I should be unbanned because I had no part in the structure. I was banned because I was near him not because I partook in the action.
  4. Username: fathar Reason: racism isnt tolerated, goodbye. I've been permanently banned from the server for someone i met on this server "Heedies" built a racist cementary near my building. If this is not staff abuse, I don't know what is. They definitely could've given me a temp ban at most, but a perm ban for literally doing nothing but having a friend that i never knew was racist? That's pathetic. I really enjoy playing on this server and i'm extremely upset to see a staff member do this to me and ArcticYeti. Thanks for reading.
  5. IGN: ScetchLScetch Ban Reason: Greifing//Building a vulgar structure at the boat race warp Reasoning: I was in a call with some people who had already made jokes by placing blocks at the start area of the boat race before, so I didn't see a problem with using the joke as well - The only difference is it totally slipped my mind to delete the block before we left. I ended up logging on this morning completely unaware of why I was banned, even with the ban message!
  6. Hello I have been currently banned permanently from the Diversity server, according to the reason, I have been banned for speed hacking. I wasn't banned for griefing, or killing other players, the message also stated that I can join the server once again if I delete my hacked client. I have already this and conducted this action and am notifying the administrators about it. I realized that I was in the complete wrong. I am sorry for hacking and promise to never do it again. Your server is unlike any other and is so friendly and amazing, this is why I want to join this community again. I
  7. 1) What's your current in-game name? ButtCheex214 2) What do you think you were banned for? for being annoying refusing to listen to staff after given several warnings and making jokes about a specific race 3) Why should you be unbanned? i think i should be unbanned because for one i did not at all mean to sound offensive when i was joking about being white. i admit that i deserve the ban i recieved for disrespecting staff and being a general nuisense. i also know that i was given plenty of chances to stop and i ignored them all. i honestly think i deserve a second chan
  8. I've been banned for X-Raying, which is what I did. However I'd like to plead a little bit of innocence because a long time friend informed me that it wasn't against the rules, and he kind of peer pressured me into using it. The closest rule i could find closest to this is "No client-side mods that would give you an unfair advantage", and a resource pack technically isn't a mod, so I thought I was good I'm not saying I'm 100% innocent, I understand where I went wrong and rightfully so received a punishment resulting from my ignorant actions. (I am no longer in contact with this friend, a
  9. i apologise for saying diversity smp is politics and singing the dora song
  10. I was recently banned for making an afk fish farm. At the time I didn't realize it was against the rules, but I have now read the rules and will destroy the farm and get my mending books another way!
  11. Report post 1) What's your current in-game name? (WitherTheOnlyOG) 2) What do you think you were banned for? "Insulting Someone? " 3) Well I Never thought id be writing one of these. I Was banned for making fun of someone? I was on for like a hour last night and only talked to about 3 people Fqiry ElaborateJade and 0EMEREALDOG0 I Have No other ideas why I was banned and wasn't even online for the time of ban meaning I don't even know why I was bann
  12. 1. Minecraft name: _BlueMorning_ 2. Banned for "Anti-AFK" 3. I wasn't using any external programs or built anything in-game to keep me from going afk. I was only holding my space bar down to keep jumping, if that is against the rules then please let me know that it is, so that I won't do it again.
  13. 1. My in-game name is mario1874 2. I was presumed to have x-ray 3. I should be un-banned because I was Presumed, I was banned by 412 whilst i was in the middle of a mining session. I can completely understand why he/she (I don't recall) could think i was x-raying, I mine in completely random patterns and when i find minerals i mine 'em all. And I understand why 412 did that, I was presumed guilty, and it could seem that I was lying ( I wasn't though) to protect myself, what 412 did was very professional and was just following protocol db (those are thumbs up BTW) I would just
  14. IGN: Tengy Supporter+ Reason for ban "Offensive talk" 3 Days Me and my dear friend EyeOpening were talking and msging each other and we occasionally call each other a cunt/fag i did not mean to put that in pubic chat nor did i mean to type -Ass Titties Pussy Money Weed- in public chat it was all meant to go straight to eye also i am gay so saying fag doesn't offend me or Eye (who is also gay) In the last 2 days i have played the most hours on the server i absolutely love the Diversity Community and i didnt mean to corrupt it. </3 i hope you will take this into consideration
  15. Hello, my minecraft in-game name is ajcano, it says I was banned for X-ray which, I was not. I was playing on the smp server on the date of 2/18/17, I was wondering if you may unban me. I promise you I was not X-Ray Hacking. Please and Thank you. -ajcano
  16. Okay you guys win. I wont dare you for a ban.
  17. 1) What's your in-game name? ZimBeller 2) What do you think you were banned for? I was banned for having an AFK machine. 3) Why should you be unbanned? I was aware of the rule, but decided to do it anyways because I really wanted to level up. It was stupid to do. I didn't think that I would get caught, but in hindsight, I should've realized there would've been a plugin to enforce no AFK machines. I started playing minecraft again the other day and found this server and have 5 legit hours played on it. I have a house and a nice farm. I'm sorry for my offense and it will
  18. IGN: TheButtIsItchy Why i was Banned: For spamming Dear Staff Members, I am very sorry for spamming in chat and it was a very stupid thing for me to do. I was messing around and making the staff lives worse. I would like to apologize to all the staff members i have caused troubles to. It shall not happen again in the future and i am sure i will not be banned in the future. i love the server and i would like a second chance. King Butt aka TheButtIsItchy
  19. Heya, I see I just got a temp ban, I went to play csgo and for not even an hour I got banned. I know it is one of the rules and all I got to say is I am sorry. I know it was dumb of me and I accept the ban and I understand why I got it. I though maybe for like one game of CS:GO it wouldnt really mind but guess I was wrong. I like to play sooner on the server again if possible, my girlfriend found this server for us to play on and I have been enjoying my time there, I was just dumb enough to break one of the rules. Thank you in advange. Kind regards,
  21. I was banned for AFKing some furnaces and I fell asleep while doing so and was banned for AFK. I didn't mean to AFK for as longs as I did and I'm sorry.
  22. 1) What's your in-game name? Emma081 2) What do you think you were banned for? If you are unsure, our rules can be found at diversitysmp.com. Using an anti-afk fish farm 3) Why should you be unbanned? I can't go afk at my fish farm or it doesn't work lmao I was literally just sat at my computer fishing and listening to an audiobook for school and I suddenly got banned? I really enjoy playing on the server and would love to be unbanned
  23. Hello Staff of diversity,smp i was banned during an auction for "spamming" i know I was but we were the only ones and all i was saying was 1,2,3 etc ask Keanu or LonelyWolf for proof I hope I will be unbanned as I really enjoy playing on this server I will try to not let this happen again Kind Regards KC
  24. 1) What's your in-game name? brayden7380 2) What do you think you were banned for? If you are unsure, our rules can be found at diversitysmp.com. "disrespect to others" 3) Why should you be unbanned? i got treated poorly by players such as Mut and i responded. I have anger issues and i told him but he seemed to not care. ill just go to a new server that doesn't lie about a "thriving" community. nobody told me to stop telling what i thought as jokes and when they did i stopped but then people started a war against me, i even said that i deserved a ban for what i said but t
  25. Hello My In game name is MyStinkyBlanket And Im filing a ban appeal for being banned a couple of minutes ago about "Abusing Ask Pools" Not Only Am i Confused Out of my Mind Im also Disapointed That An admin Would Act Like such A SmartAss. Just Why Are Players Being Banned For the Simple Reason of Building An ark pool i don't know. Why this is a issue Please Reply to this and tell me. Ok Firstly Im asked To come to my home So i kindly do and i was overwhelmed with questions about how i got my armour despite iv played 4 hours i say because iv been mining witch is true i was mining for a good hou
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