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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I have a few suggestions for perks that we could add to the server for supporters that don't (I think) violates the whole EULA thing. 1. Being able to customize armor stands : Armor Stands Plugin 2. GadgetsMenu (Particles, Hats/emotes, PETS, Morphs, gadgets that do no damage and have cooldowns, and more) here's a video -- 3. QuarkMod Not sure if its possible to add mods to a server or if there is a similar plugin to it.. but being able to wave, facepalm, headbang, etc. would be fun. 4. ChatsFeelings and this is just something extra.. I see lots of people with asterisks and such *place action here* (this kinda relates to the suggestion above) and I thought it would be fun. I think adding more perks will convince more people to buy or keep on supporting the server
  2. While in ores you should have a 5 second wait to be tped back to your /home. This would make ores more challenging. However I am guilty of doing /home after I fall in lava
  3. TOWN SUGGESTIONS! I Belive Towns Are A Big Part Of Diversity! Therefore I've Come Up With A Few Ideas To Enhance Towns! > A GUI To Manage Your Town! = So You Can See How Many People And How Much Rent They Owe! >A GUI To Add Ranks To Different People In Your Town! = So For Example Someone Who Has Lived In The Town For A Month= Elder Week=Resident Day=Newbie Builders=Workers Mayor=Mayor/Owner These Are Just A Few Ideas I Have Had! There Probably To Far Fetched Considering Its Only An SMP, But I Do Belive They Would Be A Cool Idea!
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