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Found 3 results

  1. Lets get to know each other's skills. Please tells a bit about what kind of development work you enjoy, what your skills and interest are in various technologies, and so on. Perhaps give links to your github account, stackexchange account, blog, or other software development related artifacts you have floating around the Internet. Oh, and just for the kicks, what is your favorite text editor/IDE.
  2. This project was suggested by @inb4creeper and he is currently working on it, but I thought I would add a post for it here. I developed the shopkeeper index to help players find trades. This index operates by reading the yaml data that shows all the configured trades for the various shopkeepers, provides it in an html table that can be searched. The problem is that this index shows all possible trades that have ever been configured. Making it a lot less useful. @inb4creeper suggested we could update the plugin to add a flag to the trade that would report updated to be true or false depending on if that particular trade was in stock. He was thinking this state could be updated as players perform a transaction with a given shopkeeper.
  3. Several people have been interested in doing development work for the server, so I have started a sub-forum for this. For right now I (at least to start) plan on posting various projects, and ideas where things I think things can be improved. I will try to give a list of the requirements for a project, or improvement to something. You can choose to work on it, or not. That is up to you. I will ask, that if you choose to work on a project, you make sure you post on the thread and say you are planning on working on it. Feel free to also abandon it at any time, if you find that you don't have the time, ability, or interest. But communicate with us clearly, whatever chose to do. If you have some ideas for specific projects feel free to make a proposal, before you spend lots of time working on anything. That way staff can listen to read through your proposal, and see if your idea fits the character and style we are going for on the server. Though it isn't mandatory, I personally have a very strong preference for code under some form of FOSS license. But I still will want to review any source, even if you don't want to release it publicly under an open source license. I would strongly prefer any code submissions be done via providing the link to a repository using some version control system. I personally am most familiar with git, but I have also used svn, cvs, and bzr. I will probably update this particular post in the future with various things.
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