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Found 7 results

  1. Good Afternoon Everyone, I would like to suggest a new idea for this server. As some may know I haven't been able to play lately because of my computer. But I have different editions of minecraft, such as Xbox edition. I would love a way to be able to play on this server again without having to get a new computer that can play minecraft. So how about making a new Bedrock edition of a Diversity smp? This way Xbox, Windows 10, and mobile editions can play together. Hopefully you consider this idea..... Thank you WitherTheOnlyOG
  2. Ash

    Modded SMP?

    Can Diversity add a Modded Server with Bibliocraft, Decocraft, etc.? I started watching this SMP called Harmony Hollow and dang it actually looks fun. This could also attract a lot more new players who are interested in this kind of thing. I'd be more than happy to pay a lot more for you guys if money is the problem to increase the GB/ram (I don't know what the correct term is for the lag thing or whatever the server runs on) but yeah, I'm down. If the idea isn't impossible at the moment because of all of the work you guys already do or its not impossible to do so at all, then its completely understandable, just an idea that came
  3. Tournite's Farewell Auction What is it? This auction is basically myself selling a lot of my stuff so that others can benefit on the server. When is it? The auction will take place on Wednesday May 10th, at 2 PM EST (If you you don't know when that is for you, Click Here) It will take place in TourneyTown, so once it beings to start, TPA to me. How does it work? Where will all the Diamonds go? SPONSOR THE EVENT!!!!! Leave a Comment below stating your IGN, Shop Plot #, and what you sell. Each place on the sponsor board is 10 diamonds! You will get on the board once you pay me in game! Is there a fee to get in? NOPE! But you can donate (only diamonds please) once you get inside! Highly suggest you do! Any Questions? Leave comments down below!
  4. What I consider "stealing" - OhItzGalaxyPvPz, is practically taking someones stuff for your own good, https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/steal, thats the definition, what I dont think "stealing" is - OhItzGalaxyPvpZ, is not teleporting someone to an end city so you could take the elytra! This person is apprently reporting me because I "stole" his elytra, no! I was the one that teleported you to the end, I was the one that got you your first and second elytra, so dont talk like this sweatheart! bye.
  5. Hello! Today I have created some fanart for the server. I don't know if it is good or not, but in my opinion it doesn't look too bad. Please give me feedback in the comments! Here it is -
  6. So recently I have been using the shop a bit more, but I cant seem to find any easy way to tell what people are selling. Other than looking at the trades. I thought maybe a map on the forums could help this. My idea is that owners of shops could state what they are selling in their shop, which you can navigate using the map (Online). Another thought that I have is that you could make it easier to find a specifics persons shop in the game by putting their IGN on the shop id eg: #1004: Onmy412ish
  7. TitanCraze

    PonyVille Town

    Please join our My Little Pony centered town! PonyVille is a very new town with experienced builders and other players to give you the best Towny experience possible. Requirements Age: Level: Rate your builds: Rate your redstone: How long have you been playing DiversitySMP: How long have you been playing Minecraft: Why you think you will be a positive addition to PonyVille: Are you willing to pay taxes of 5 diamonds every real-life week: (Yeah, it used to be one diamond but we realized that was too little...)
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